The Peer Assist pathway provides avenues for creators to assist each other, and for the resolution of disputes between creators. This includes:

  • Peer review: Where peers with specific skillsets provide a peer view about ownership splits, or an issue or problem submitted to them. This view may be used in disputes between creators, or to support an application to APRA AMCOS to alter the registration of a work.
  • Peer mentoring: Where a peer provides their coaching or view.
  • Knowledge sharing: Where peers share tips and answer questions.

We are currently piloting our Peer Assist pathways.

Peer review

What is it?

This pathway is designed for industry peers with expertise to assist music creators in resolving issues. Most peer reviews conducted through Resolution Pathways relate to a dispute between music creators and/or publishers over ownership splits of songs registered with APRA AMCOS.

Who is involved?

The music creator(s) and/or publishers who would like an opinion on a particular dispute, issue or problem. Participants can represent themselves or bring a friend, lawyer, or other support person.

Sometimes not everyone wants to participate in a resolution process. There are situations where a dispute can be decided unilaterally. This is only where the dispute is between one or more creators over ownership splits of songs. APRA AMCOS will give effect to a peer opinion given in a unilateral pathway where:

  • The dispute is less than 3 years old.
  • It is between local APRA AMCOS writer members and there is no overseas publishers involved.
  • All those involved in the dispute have been given the chance to participate.
  • The nature of the dispute is one that lends itself to a decision.

Appeals from unilateral pathways

If a decision is made in a unilateral pathway, if any of the non-participating parties decide that they SHOULD have participated and are unhappy with the peers’ opinion, they will be able to have the matter re-considered by new peers if:

  • They refund the cost of the first unilateral pathway.
  • All those that participated in the unilateral pathway are invited to participate.
  • They pay their costs for the second Peer Review process.

About the process

The Peer Review process allows a selected group of 2-3 peers to review a claim about song splits (or other issue) and provide an opinion. This will involve the peers listening to the songs, reviewing any submissions and providing an opinion.

What does resolution look like?

Where the peer review pathway is entered by the consent of all those involved, they can decide in advance whether the peers’ view will be binding or non-binding. A non-binding process provides the participants with a opinion. The participants can then use this to negotiate / agree on a path forward. If the matter is resolved because of the opinion and subsequent discussion, then this can be documented in an appropriate format. If the participants decide that the peers’ view will be binding, this can be used submit a request to APRA AMCOS to amend the register.

Where there is a unilateral peer review decision, APRA will give effect to that decision by amending the register, provided the criteria listed above have been met.

What if the matter is not resolved?

If the matter is not resolved, the resolution facilitator can assist in exploring alternative ways of resolving the issues. The participants can decide on whether the peers’ opinion forms part of any further step.

Sample Agreement

It is important that everyone knows what to expect. This will allow participants to adequately prepare, to know their rights and maximise the chances of everyone feeling satisfied with the process.

The agreement sets out the legal rights in plain English – these are important to understand. The Resolution Facilitator is also available to explain the process and the terms of the agreement.

Click here to download this Guide along with an example of a Unilateral Peer Review Agreement. This agreement may be varied depending upon the individual circumstances of each dispute.


Up to 6 weeks from date of referral to peers to receipt of a view


Around $900 + GST assuming it takes a day of time for 2 peers to review (this includes the cost of the peer facilitator).

We can provide an indicative cost based on your specific dispute. The actual cost of this pathway is higher, but it is subsidised by APRA.

Peer mentoring and knowledge sharing

If you are seeking guidance, or tips and knowledge from someone in the industry, we have a panel of peers who, along with the Resolution Facilitator, can help pair you with the right peer(s).

Contact the Resolution Facilitator if you are seeking peer mentoring or knowledge sharing.

Please click here to access the checklist of information you need to provide us when seeking a mentor.

$ Variable

Peers are paid for mentoring and coaching on an honorarium basis. This will be determined depending upon the peer chosen and the assistance sought.