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Disputes with APRA AMCOS or OneMusic Australia

The resolution pathways are designed to match the problem with the process. A good match will maximise the chances of satisfaction and success. Pathways differ in the level of formality, the level of involvement of the parties and the cost of the pathway.

Step 1: Review

Review the services available on this website in the pathways section.

Step 2: Contact

Submit your matter via our reporting system.

Step 3: Triage

The Resolution Facilitator team will be in touch within 48 hours and ask you some questions to better understand the nature of the matter. The initial conversation should take about 45 minutes.

After the discussion, the Facilitator will either recommend a pathway or become a neutral middle-person between you and the other parties.

Click here to read more about the Triage process.

Step 4: Management

Once the parties have agreed on a process and an expert has been selected, a date is agreed and the process is scheduled.

The process and timeline is all tracked via our secure reporting mechanism to keep you informed.

Costs and timelines

For all information about costs and timelines please read the Pathways page.

Feedback on the process

Want to give us feedback?

If you have a complaint, compliment or suggestion then please head over to our compliments & complaints page and leave us a message. You can also do this anonymously.