Resolution Facilitator Team

Shirli Kirschner

New South Wales

Resolution Facilitator
Project Manager

Shirli has been the Resolution Facilitator for Resolution Pathways since 2014. She is the principal of Resolve Advisors, founded in 1996, to provide dispute resolution services nationally and internationally. Shirli is an accredited mediator and a member of advanced panels of
mediators in Australia. She is a visiting fellow at the Law School of UNSW and a sessional Registrar of the Federal Circuits Court. Shirli holds the position of wholesale energy market dispute resolution Adviser and was a member of NADRAC, an advisory committee to the Federal Attorney General on dispute resolution.

Sarah Nicholson


Resolution Facilitator Support Team

Sarah was a member of the Resolution Pathways Stakeholder Group as the representative for licensees under $10,000 from 2014 – March 2018. She was part of the Resolution Facilitator support team from April 2018 – April 2021.