Mapping for Music Creators

What is it?

Mapping makes available a mediation-type process with a person who has both mediation and industry expertise which can be used to assist resolution.

It is up to the participants to decide if they choose to use the mapper’s advice to find an option that works for them in resolving the issue.

Who is involved?

All those that need to be involved in the solution usually attend. This is decided as part of the mappers intake process. For intake, a mapper meets with all participants to understand the issues in the dispute and confirm who should be at the table. A mapper will meet with the participants separately or jointly to assess this.

Participants can represent themselves or bring a friend, lawyer, or other support person. The mapper will not make a decision – that is the role of the participants.

What does resolution look like?

Resolution looks different for different people. For some, it is getting a deeper understanding, or being heard. For others it is getting a deal to move forward, documented in a binding way. It is important to consider what constitutes resolution for the participants.

Sample agreement

It is important that everyone knows what to expect. This will allow participants to adequately prepare, to know their rights and maximise the chances of everyone feeling satisfied with the process.

The agreement sets out the legal rights in plain English – these are important to understand. The Resolution Facilitator is also available to explain the process and the terms of the agreement.

Click here for an example of a Mapping agreement. This agreement may be varied depending upon the individual circumstances of each dispute.